Nancy Rodzwic gave me the confidence to truly get out on that stage and be the best singer I could be, but more importantly the best performer I could be as well. I had studied with four other voice teachers prior to Nancy, and while they would give me great lessons on vocal technique, I never got the tools that I needed for vocal performance, with Nancy, I was able to get the best of both worlds. I studied with Nancy for about three and a half years and not only did my voice get stronger and better, my performance skills got stronger and better as well. My vocal range got stretched out and the more I got out to perform with Nancy’s shows, my nerves went away more and more, and the nerves were replaced with confidence. I couldn’t have achieved any of this without the love, help, and guidance of Nancy Rodzwic!

- George Steeves


Nancy is more than just a music instructor. She is a genuine and caring teacher, mentor, and friend to all of her students. My oldest son, Andrew, began taking piano lessons with Nancy eight years ago. About two years ago, she mentioned to me that he should switch over to voice lessons after having him sing the piano scales. I am forever grateful to her for this. Although he enjoyed learning piano from her, he found a true passion in singing. She has given him the opportunity to sing at many community events and build a confidence in himself that goes way beyond his performances. Some of Absolute Music School’s performances are at nursing homes. It is a very moving experience to sit in the audience and see the smiles on the resident’s faces or the tapping of their feet or singing along to a familiar song. Not only is she giving her students the ability to perform for an audience, she is giving joy and happiness to some that don’t have a lot of joy and happiness in their lives. Absolute Music is also involved in charity events throughout the year for various cancer and veteran organizations including Gilda’s Club and Voices for Vets in Warminster. It just shows Nancy’s concern for others to be involved in these organizations and it also teaches her students about kindness, compassion, and giving back. As far as Nancy’s admiration for her students, all one has to do is walk through the door of Absolue Music School. The hallways and rooms are lined with oversized photographs of her students. Whenever a student is in a show or musical in school or the community, she makes a large collage with pictures, programs, and tickets. I know my son was really excited to have his own “shrine” on the wall. I look forward to many years of Andrew working with Nancy and all of the great experiences yet to come.

- Angela Giorgione


Nancy is a wonderful voice teacher and a wonderful person. My daughter Emma really looks up to Nancy and adores her. She makes her feel so special and talented. I can’t even begin to explain what she has done to her confidence. Emma can’t stop talking about how Nancy told her that she has such a wonderful voice and how it comes naturally to her. Emma is so excited to be doing lessons every week and she talks about how she wants to move in with Nancy. She speaks the world of Nancy. She is such a kind, caring, and wonderful lady. She has really been helping my daughter’s dream of becoming a performer. Her voice has come along so far in the three years we’ve been with Nancy, and her confidence has been improved so much- it really shows! Emma would not even consider going somewhere else and neither would I. I truly appreciate everything Nancy has done- she has a student for life!

- Jean Joanni


My daughters have been going to Pop Camp for five years! They look forward to it all summer. Nancy provides an environment where the kids have fun and make friends. The camp helps build confidence in each child. At the end of the week they are able to show their work by singing in front of an audience that is highly engaged! The sight of your child beaming as the audience is clapping is priceless. This is a place where kids can be kids! My daughter has also been taking private lessons for four years. She has grown in her voice, but more importantly in her self-confidence. She is able to stand in front of large groups of people and sing as if no one is there! It is a beautiful sight. She is able to select the type of music she wants to sing. My daughter is more on the quiet side, yet when she is on stage she projects the most confidence I have ever seen in her! I can’t say enough about the healthy environment Nancy creates for these singers and the opportunity for them to grow!

- Jill Coogan


My daughter has been taking voice lessons with Absolute Music School for almost five years now. She started as a shy seven year old and, while I have been thrilled with her growth as a singer, I am most impressed with the self-confidence that singing with Miss Nancy has instilled in her. Nancy provides singing instruction in a manner that is fun for the student, allowing them to express their creativity with personal song choice, with ample opportunities to perform throughout the year. Under Nancy’s guidance, my daughter has bloomed from that shy seven year old to a confident, strong-voiced sixth grader!

- Marlena Jacalone


My daughter was so scared at her first performance she cried and cried, but after Nancy worked with her and built her confidence, she can now sing in front of anyone! Nancy has a way of making of making these kids forget they are singing in front of a crowd; they have so much fun the whole time they are performing. My daughter won first place in her school talent show singing “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera. She never could have done this without lessons from Nancy. Caroline has been taking lessons since the 5th grade. She performed in three school plays and Nancy has come to all of them. She created shrines of pictures to hang her school, as she does for all the kids. Personally, as a mom, I am grateful to Nancy for loving these children as if they were hers. She is more than a singing teacher to them. They love her, and so do I. 

-Paula L.


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