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Group Musical Theatre Classes


To be or not to be: what an outdated question! Here at AMS, we know that acting is an integral part of the singing experience. For those who want to hone their acting skills further, we offer intimate group acting classes that allow our students to find the best method for them. Our instructors are cross-trained in multiple acting methods and equipt with some of the best texts for young actors. We go beyond the traditional monologue selection, letting our students group up and pick scenes that they want to perform and coaching them through the entire process. We also incorporate fun theatre games, mirroring exercises, and performance analysis to prepare students for their future acting endeavors.

Each class is once a week, for a six (6) week session. See below for dates.

  • Session 1: Ages 8-12 classes 6:00 pm – 7:30. Mondays Oct 12 thru Nov 16
  • Session 2: Ages 8-12 classes 6:00 pm – 7:30. Thursday Oct 15 thru Nov 19th
  • Session 3: Ages 13-18 classes 8:00 pm – 9:30. Monday Oct 12 thru Nov 16
  • Session 4: Ages 13-18 classes 8:00 pm – 9:30. pm Thursday Oct 15 thru Nov 19

Musical Theatre Voice College Prep


Lets not kid ourselves; choosing a college is hard. Choosing a college for a future in musical theatre can seem nearly impossibe. With over 500 programs to choose from in the US alone, Absolute Music School is here to take your search from overwhelming to exciting. Our prep classes ask a simple question: what do you want out of your college experience? Maybe you're an "actor-first" who wants a program tailored to those strengths, or maybe you've got a voice for the ages but can't dance a lick. AMS will help find the colleges that fit your needs and then work tirelessly to help you get through the application process and auditions. We simplify and streamline an otherwise overwhelming process, creating an environment that's not only stress-free but exciting and fulfilling. From college lists to monologues and 32-bar cuts, we'll be here with you the whole way.

These are INDIVIDUAL, 1-on-1 sessions. Available Tuesdays & Wednesdays along with select Saturdays. 

Classical Voice College Prep


While Musical Theatre might be on the mind of many Americans with the release of musicals like Hamilton and Dear Evan Hanson, we here at AMS still place a high value on classical training. The world of CV auditions often seems alien and archaic to most young people trying to find their way into the operatic world. We're here to help you settle the dust, find a program right for you, then help you get into your dream college. From the inital college search to audition day, we're here to help you every step of the way. Our coaches are all classically trained and have been admitted to some of the most competative CV programs in the country. We'll help you find the right pieces, perfect your diction, and impress every jurist at your audition. We additional can help with simple sight-reading techniques and IPA analysis that'll give you a leg up on your audition competition. With us behind you, there's nothing standing in your way!

These are INDIVIDUAL, 1-on-1 sessions. Available Tuesdays & Wednesdays along with select Saturdays. 

Private Acting Classes


If all the world's a stage, it's time to make yourself the best actor in the business. Absolute Music School's private classes are meant to hone your acting skills and develop a repertoire that's personalized to your talents and styles. Class clowns can find their perfect comedic monologue and the great dramatic actors of the world can work on their next big breakout scene. Our instructors come from some of the biggest schools and biggest stages in the United States, all here to help you become the best actor that you can be. These lessons are also available for dedicated duos or trios working on a specific piece or group of pieces. Don't wait for someone to hand you your "big break", come to AMS and make it for yourself. "Self-tapes" for online acting submissions are included as part of the lesson.

These are INDIVIDUAL, 1-on-1 sessions. Available Tuesdays & Wednesdays starting in October.

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